A collection of essays on antisemitism, edited by Jewish Voice for Peace. Purchase here!

With Trump and Bannon in the White House, empowering antisemites while claiming their love for Israel, how do we talk about antisemitism in the present moment?

How have false charges of antisemitism been used to stifle criticism of Israeli policy and support for Palestinian human rights?

What is the relationship between antisemitism and other forms of bigotry and oppression?

How can we further the global progressive fight for justice for all peoples?

In this collection of essays curated by Jewish Voice for Peace, a broad range of activists, movement theorists, and public figures grapple with these critical questions about contemporary antisemitism. It provides an essential tool for Palestinian solidarity activists, educators, and Jewish communities. Featuring contributions from Omar Barghouti, Judith Butler, and Rebecca Vilkomerson, as well as other activists, scholars, students, and cultural workers, On Antisemitism includes the voices of those who are often marginalized in mainstream discussions of antisemitism.

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