JVP Boston was proud to be invited to join the Boston area Kashmiri community on Saturday, August 17, 2019 to protest India’s occupation of Kashmir. We highlighted the direct ties between the Israeli and Indian governments in our remarks:

JVP Boston joins the Palestinian call for solidarity with Kashmir following the Indian government’s move to revoke the state’s autonomy while imposing an unprecedented lockdown. 

We do this NOT just because there is a humanitarian and political crisis in Kashmir, but because Israeli policies and economic ties fuel the oppression of the Kashmiri people.  

But we can’t just view Israel and India as simply parallel oppressors — They are actually partners in occupation. What is happening in Kashmir is happening in Palestine and vice versa.  As the Palestinian BDS campaign notes, for years India has been “borrowing Israel’s methodology and ideology and using Israeli weapons in its control over Kashmir.”

1. India is Israel’s largest client for arms and military technology in the world. As the bnc says, “the Israeli weapons that India uses to oppress Kashmiris have been ‘field-tested’ on palestinian bodies,”  

2. THEY USE THE SAME PRETEXT – TERRORISM – TO JUSTIFY Their tactics and the creation of  Jewish and Hindu state, respectively. India and Israel cooperate closely on issues of counterterrorism, including exchanging information on so-called terrorist groups, national doctrines, and operational experience – in other words, strategies, methods, and tactics of occupation and domination. 

3. THEY USE THE SAME TACTICS: The tactics used by India to control the civilian population of Kashmir strongly resembles those used by Israel in Palestine. These include, “arbitrary arrests, extra-judicial killings, enforced disappearances, curfews, collective punishment, administrative detention, torture, rape and sexual abuse, the suppression of freedom of speech and assembly, house demolitions, and so forth.”

4. HINDU NATIONALISTS LOVE THE ZIONIST IDEA OF AN ETHNOCRATIC OR RELIGIOUS STATE.  They draw ideological inspiration from Israel Hindu nationalists have become obsessed with replicating the Zionist project in turning a constitutionally secular India into a Hindu ethnocratic state.

5.  Specifically, they are borrowing the concept of settlements with to build Israeli-style Hindu-only settlements in Kashmir as a way of instigating demographic change.

Trying to alter the demographic make-up of Kashmir by allowing Indians from across the country to purchase property and settle there under the protection of the Indian military presence, just like the on-the-ground demographic changes in the west bank caused by the construction of Jewish-only settlements.

JVP condemns occupation, ethno-nationalism, settler colonialism and Zionism – and we condemn their counterparts in India.