MA Senator Eldridge filed a budget amendment calling for a percentage of any subsidy going to corporations be spent on affordable housing. It’s also sponsored by Senators Barbara L’Italien (Lawrence area) and Mark Montigny (New Bedford area). You can read it here. If we want this budget to pass, we need to mobilize fast.

JVP-Boston is part of the #MakeGEpay coalition, fighting against corporate tax breaks for General Electric when they  move their headquarters to Boston. We support this out of love for our local community, AND because General Electric is a Palestinian BDS target due to their manufacturing of Israeli bombs.

Call Your State Senator:

Ask them to support amendment 836Community Benefits for Corporate Tax Breakscosponsored by Senator Eldridge. Find your state senator’s name and contact here.

Join the Twitter Storm:

Start tweeting now in support of amendment 836 using #makeGEpay and #SenBudget.  We’ve gotten our hashtags trending before, let’s do it again. You can also link to Mike Leyba’s great blog post (and review it for talking points).

Sample tweets:

I support Amendment 836: Community Benefits for Corporate Tax Breaks: #makeGEpay #SenBudget
If corporations profit from our taxes, a % of those subsidies should fund affordable housing. Support #SenBudget amendment 836. #makeGEpay
I support#SenBudget amendment 836 because our communities deserve to benefit when corporations like GE get tax breaks #makeGEpay
TY @JamieEldridgeMA, @teambarbara, & Montigny for “Community Benefits for Corporate Tax Breaks” amendment 836 #MakeGEpay #SenBudget