Young JVP (formerly Young, Jewish and Proud) is a growing community of young people in Boston eager to explore the connections and tensions between Jewish identity and Palestine solidarity.

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Jewish Ritual:

Young JVP takes inspiration for our activism from ancient and recent Jewish traditions. We draw messages of liberation from Jewish celebrations, whether we’re sharing a Shabbat dinner, connecting Israeli occupation to climate change during a Tu B’Shevat seder, or building a Sukkah outside the Jewish consulate to protest the eviction of Bedouin people in the Negev/Naqab desert.

Radical Jewish History:

Many of us grew up with Jewish educations that were centered in a mainstream, white, Zionist lens. Now we’re teaching ourselves about the histories that can inspire us to work for social justice. Past Radical Jewish History sessions have covered topics like Mizrahim Between Jewish and Arab Nationalism, Political Diversity in Pre-WWII Europe, and Gender, Language, and Nationalism.


YJVP was launched nationally as Young, Jewish, and Proud in 2010 when young JVP activists disrupted Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu at a Jewish Federations General Assembly.  The group is  committed to working inside and outside of the Jewish community to support Palestinians. View their declaration below.

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