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Why 100 Massachusetts Groups Oppose the Anti-Boycott Bill

by JVP Boston

Despite its progressive-sounding title, 100 organizations in Massachusetts oppose An Act Prohibiting Discrimination in State Contracts.  Among the reasons for this opposition  are the following: » The bill is unnecessary. S.1689 /H.1685, An Act Prohibiting Discrimination in State Contracts, purports to combat discrimination.  But Massachusetts already has robust laws to prohibit discrimination based on an individual’s race, […]

Ten Reasons to Oppose “An Act Prohibiting Discrimination in State Contracts”

by JVP Boston

The Freedom to Boycott Coalition is led by Boston Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace-Boston, and Massachusetts Peace Action As Trump continues to trample on basic rights, Senator Creem and Representative McMurtry have introduced a bill (now renamed S.1689 / H.1685)  deceptively framed as anti-discrimination legislation, which in fact is a dangerous attempt to restrict our right […]

CALL NOW: Support the Right to Boycott for Palestinian Rights in Massachusetts!

by JVP Boston

Across the US, supporters of Israeli occupation are coordinating an attack on our right to organize for human rights in Palestine and beyond. Call now- don’t let them silence us in Massachusetts. Senator Creem’s and Rep. McMurtry’s bills, SD.922 and HD.779, are deceptively framed as anti-discrimination legislation.  But in reality they would forbid the state […]

Massachusetts Freedom to Boycott Coalition

by JVP Boston

An Open Letter to the Massachusetts Legislature From the Massachusetts Freedom to Boycott Coalition “Non violence is a powerful and just weapon. It is a weapon unique in history, which cuts without wounding…It is a sword that heals.” – Martin Luther King, Jr., ‘Why We Can’t Wait,’ 1963 The Massachusetts Freedom to Boycott Coalition asks […]