Leadership & Staff

The JVP Boston Coordinating Committee (CC) is responsible for overall policy and direction of JVP Boston. The CC delegates responsibility for day-to-day operations to the Steering Committee, within the direction it sets. Each member of the Coordinating Committee has a specific area of responsibility.


Ari Belathar

Local Organizer

Ari Belathar (prefered gender pronouns: they/them/ theirs) is JVP Boston’s Organizer.  Ari is a writer and scholar who has been active in grassroots movements in Mexico, Canada and the U.S..  They are the child of a Mexican/Lebanese father and a Russian Ashkenazi mother, and are a participant in the Jews of Color and Sephardi/Mizrahi (JOCSM) caucus working in partnership with JVP. Ari has worked for organizations such as Amnesty International, Planned Parenthood, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, No More Deaths, and Black & Pink. Ari is fluent in English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese and has been involved with JVP-Boston since relocating to the area three years ago.Contact Ari at belathar@jewishvoiceforpeace.org if you want to get involve.

Elsa Auerbach

Steering Committee Member

Elsa Auerbach is Professor Emerita of English from the University of Massachusetts Boston.  The daughter of Jewish refugees from Germany, she has been a lifelong activist involved in issues related to South Africa, workers’ rights, immigrant rights, and language education. Since retiring, she has co-chaired JVP Boston and been a member of its Steering Committee, with a focus on fundraising, We Divest work, and organizational planning.


Asher Bruskin

Steering Committee Member

Asher Bruskin holds a master’s degree in social work from Simmons College and works as a HIV social worker in a hospital setting. He has many years of experience as a community organizer, a few of which with a LGBTQ Jewish non-profit in the Boston area. Asher helped develop Boston’s Young Jewish Voice for Peace working group before joining the Steering Committee.


Marc Gurvitch

Steering Committee Member

A psychiatric nurse for 30 years, Marc Gurvitch is now a clinical instructor at Simmons College School of Nursing. He was active in the anti-Vietnam War and Civil Rights struggles of the 1960’s and 70’s and has been a labor organizer and union activist. From 2010 to 2012, he participated in the Health and Human Rights delegations, sharing his nursing skills and knowledge in West Bank Palestinian clinics while witnessing the impact of the occupation. He coordinated the education committee and now serves on the steering committee

Tali Ruskin

Steering Committee Member

Tali Ruskin is a recent graduate of a dual master’s program in public health and social work at Boston University. She has many years of experience working in organizational development and strategic planning, as well as a whole lot of energy and passion for justice. Tali has worked with YJVP for several years and served as the Education Working Group Coordinator.

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Noor Balbaky

Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Coordinator

Noor joined JVP-Boston in 2013, having graduated with a bachelors in Peace and Global Studies from Earlham College and a desire to continue the BDS work she was involved in as an undergraduate. Noor has been active in Palestine solidarity work since college but has been against military intervention in the Middle East for as long as she can remember because of her Syrian identity and background. Noor co-facilitated two sessions of the JVP-Boston Palestine/Israel class and is excited to talk to everyone about how critical Boycott Divestment and Sanctions is all of the time.

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Laila Bernstein

Interfaith Coordinator

Laila holds dual master’s degrees in Public Policy and Social Work from the University of Michigan and works in the field of housing and homelessness. When Laila was 10 years old, her family hosted a Palestinian high school student from East Jerusalem and he became part of their extended family. In June 2013, Laila traveled with the Health and Human Rights Project delegation to I/P and spent the following year reporting back on what she witnessed to several audiences, including various faith communities. More recently, she joined a group of JVP-ers at the Presbyterian Church of USA’s 2014 General Assembly to support the church’s historic decision to divest from three companies that profit off Israel’s military occupation. Laila is JVP Boston’s coordinator for the Church Support Committee.


Susan Etscovitz

Events Coordinator

Susan joined JVP following an Olive Harvest Interfaith Peace Builders trip to Palestine in 2013. She was active in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, served as a VISTA volunteer and worked as a community organizer in rural North Carolina and inner city Baltimore. She is retired from a 35 years as a child-welfare (abuse and neglect) social worker/supervisor for the Commonwealth of Mass. She has been active with several JVP working groups and is now the JVP Events Coordinator.


Eli Gerzon

Social Media Coordinator

Eli does social media consulting for social justice orgs and runs a landscaping business on his bicycle. As part of the growing climate movement, he co-led the state divestment from fossil fuels campaign in Massachusetts from 2013-2014.  Eli left school at age 15 to “unschool” (direct his own education), write, put on conferences, speak, travel, and lead Worldschool Travel Tours for teens. He has traveled in 20 countries and his favorites are Mexico and South Korea. He is the Social Media Coordinator for Jewish Voice for Peace Boston.

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Allie Goldsmith

Education Coordinator

Allie became involved with Israel/Palestine activism after taking a course in which she learned more about the topic.  She then joined Students for Justice in Palestine and upon moving to Boston, became involved in JVP-Boston.  She co-coordinates JVP-Boston’s Education Committee.

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Lauren Jappe

Sister Organization Coordinator

Lauren Jappe has a degree in Islamic & Middle East Studies and Women’s & Gender Studies from Brandies University, and was an active member of her school’s Students for Justice in Palestine chapter. She lived in Jordan for four months studying Arabic, and has traveled extensively throughout Palestine, most recently on an Interfaith Peace-Builders delegation in 2015. Following the trip she published writing detailing the effects of imprisonment and trauma on West Bank families. Lauren coordinates JVP’s sister relationship with Laylac, a women’s and youth empowerment group in the Dheisheh Refugee Camp.


David Klafter

Fundraising Coordinator

David was a teenage activist in the 1960’s. He became involved in anti-war work and was eventually thrown out of the University of Chicago for one sit-in too many. He was one of the founders of the solidarity organization Non Intervention in Chile and has done trade union and Central American solidarity work. After 911, he deepened his anti-war work. David is active in Brookline politics and works with MassOccupy/Brookline. He coordinates the JVP Fundraising Working Group.

Pam Rogers

Communications Coordinator

Pam Rogers is a lifelong activist who worked for United for a Fair Economy and for the Haymarket People’s Fund, where she co-authored Robin Hood was Right: A Guide to Giving Your Money to Social Change. She also worked as a community organizer in Mission Hill and as a transportation advocate/organizer for people with disabilities. Her outrage at the bloated U.S. military budget, much of it directed uncritically to Israel, was her pathway to JVP. Pam is the Communications Coordinator for JVP Boston and works on the JVP Film Series.


Barbara Wilhelm

Anti-Islamophobia Coordinator

Barbara focused much of her career in human resources and is experienced with change management, strategic planning and leadership development. Like many who have worked in corporate America, it became crystal clear to her that she no longer wanted to spend time in that environment. Barbara began volunteering her time and talent in support of various human rights and social justice efforts. In 2011, she was recognized by ICNA Relief USA for her outstanding dedication and service to the local community. In 2012, she began actively participating in various JVP Boston groups. Barbara is a co-coordinator for JVP Boston’s Anti-Islamophobia Working Group.

Jean Entine & Rabbi Joseph Berman

Chapter Alumni

We want to leave space to thank these two incredible leaders who both served as chairs of the Coordinating Committee, and played an integral role in building the chapter to be what it is today. Joseph and Jean have both left Boston, but we are so grateful for their contributions!