The Massachusetts Senate will vote TODAY on legislation to penalize supporters of the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) strategy for justice, as well as other social movements that employ economic pressure.  This is part of a national right-wing strategy to silence Palestinians and support Israeli policies by limiting our first amendment right to protest; and other justice movements may also suffer consequences. 

Call your state senator immediately to ask them to oppose anti-boycott legislation.

You can be automatically connected to your state senator here, or look up your state senator here.

Sample Script: Hi, I’m ________ and I’m a constituent calling from _________. I’m extremely concerned about Senate amendment 133 to the jobs bill (Senate Bill S2423), and ask that you oppose it. Senator Creem’s ammendment is not about stopping discrimination; it’s about impeding our constitutionally-protected right to engage in boycotts as a form of speech. Over 60 organizations have signed onto the Massachusetts Freedom to Boycott Coalition to oppose this type of bill, and we ask that you do everything in your power to stop amendment 133.

For more background on anti-BDS bills spreading across the country, see Palestine Legal.