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EMERGENCY ACTION: The right to boycott in MA is under attack TODAY.

by JVP Boston

The Massachusetts Senate will vote TODAY on legislation to penalize supporters of the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) strategy for justice, as well as other social movements that employ economic pressure.  This is part of a national right-wing strategy to silence Palestinians and support Israeli policies by limiting our first amendment right to protest; […]

Why I’m with JVP and Against Hate

by JVP Boston
Newton public schools forum

By Mark Golden  . Last month, JVP-Boston released a statement condemning the actions of Islamophobic hate group Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) at a Newton community meeting.  An APT staffer then published an op-ed in the Newton Tab denying our claims and smearing us.  (We won’t link to their op-ed because it promotes hateful […]

May 18, 2016: Mass Against Hewlett-Packard Campaign Launch!

by JVP Boston

Join us to launch our campaign calling on Massachusetts and its municipalities to boycott Hewlett-Packard (HP) until it agrees to end its corporate complicity in Israeli occupation of Palestine, U.S. Deportation of immigrants, and Mass incarceration. We need you to make this campaign a success! . Speakers will include Caroline Hunter, who led the successful boycott […]

Letter of Support for BDS Colombia’s Israeli Apartheid Week

by JVP Boston

Versión española por debajo  . Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) activists at the University of Bogotá are currently facing a right-wing backlash for their Israeli Apartheid Week, and a Jewish community leader has put pressure on the university director to censor the events. An organizer with BDS Colombia reached out to us, and here is our letter. […]

Palestinian Youth Are Being Systematically Terrorized by Israel

by JVP Boston

JVP-Boston’s own Laure Jappe writes in Muftah: “The TV screen has been smashed with the butt of a gun, but seventeen-year-old Hamza is unwilling to give it up after the many months he saved to purchase it. So the flatscreen stays in his bedroom, awaiting an unlikely repair. The TV is the smallest casualty of […]

Small Victories

by JVP Boston

By Alice Rothchild Re-posted from Mondoweiss Months ago, I was invited by a longtime 87-year-old activist who wanted me to show my documentary film, Voices Across the Divide (www.voicesacrossthedivide.com) at her retirement community in Seattle. She stressed the general excitement she was feeling from other residents as well as folks from the “outside.” People were canceling their […]

#MakeGEpay: No tax breaks for human rights violators in Massachusetts

by JVP Boston

The mayor, governor, and business press are applauding General Electric’s announcement that they are moving their headquarters to Boston, making them the largest company to be based in the state. According to the Globe, “City and state officials are offering what could be one of the richest incentive deals in the state’s history — together valued […]

Alice Rothchild: Banned in Boston

by JVP Boston

Re-published from Alice Rothchild’s blog I was planning to reflect on the last few months during which the international community has awakened to the horrors of the war in Syria, the millions of internally displaced and fleeing Syrian refugees, (some Palestinians forced to flee again), the ISIL shooting down of a Russian plane, bombings in […]

No Room for Islamophobia in Cambridge: Statement of Support for City Councilor Nadeem Mazen

by JVP Boston

Even in Massachusetts, the so-called ‘bluest state’, Muslim communities live under suspicion, surveillance, and attack.  If Governor Baker’s injudicious comments regarding Syrian refugees weren’t enough of a reminder two weeks ago, Islamophobic bigotry is now being leveled at the only Muslim elected official in the state. Concurrent with Baker’s remarks, the Orwellian-named anti-Muslim group ‘Americans for Peace and […]