Say no to fast-track for TPP and TTIP

Have you heard about the massive pushback against the Fast-Track legislation? Some Congressional Representatives are trying to pass a bill to ram through huge trade deals -- without giving the American public a chance to read them.

Labor, green and pro-democracy groups are mobilizing to fight the secretive legislation because it threatens nearly everything we care about -- including our right to protest Israel’s human rights violations.

Under the radar, AIPAC has placed an amendment that makes it official U.S. policy to punish countries that support the call to boycott Israel.

Unless we act now, Fast-Track legislation could cause real damage to the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement to get Israel to abide by the law.

Email your Representative- tell them to vote no on Fast Track.

That’s not all, Joel. This amendment also blurs the distinction between Israel’s illegal settlements and Israel proper. It’s a brazen attempt to pretend the Green Line simply isn’t there.

Maybe we should be flattered. Shoving this amendment inside a huge trade bill shows that defenders of Israel’s policies are running scared of the growing movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

Tell your representative: vote no on Fast Track.

We’re standing with labor unions, green groups and others who oppose this legislation because it threatens jobs, the environment and democracy itself -- and because it was written behind closed doors with literally hundreds of private lobbyists, including AIPAC.

Whatever your reason for opposing Fast Track, tell your Representative to vote no.

We’re not going to back down. I hope you won’t either.

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